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Tahoe update

The Tahoe National Forest has released their revised documents on February 7. You can find them here under the ‘decision’ tab.

We’re currently going through the final plan but the Tahoe has adopted their preferred alternative 2 with even more closures. Zero substantive osv areas have been added.

We are now in an objection period. This means that if you’ve previously commented on the Tahoe Plan, now is the time to file an objection, not a comment.


Your objection must relate to the topics you brought up in your comments from the DEIS comment phase, UNLESS they address changes seen now in the FEIS. Were your concerns addressed? Were they ignored? Tell them specifically what you would like to see done in the final Record of Decision. You must follow the official format. How objections work:

A few noteworthy closures in the Tahoe are the following:

Boca Reservoir staging from Hirschdale Road: The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) fails to adequately account for why this closure is in place. This includes the OHV trails on Boca Hill.

The ridge above Coldstream Canyon from Sugarbowl to Tinkers Knob: The FEIS claims to not institute non-motorized buffers on the Pacific Crest Trail but this is exactly that.

Sagehen: This closure extends past the research station into the entire basin. The same basin that has been clear cut, masticated and heavily harvested. The well-traveled ridge between Sagehen and Independence Lake is included in this closure. A motorized route has been added on the dirt roads but as anyone who frequents the area knows, much of this road disappears mid winter.

Loch Levon: The closure presented in Alternative 2 has been extended closer to Troy road.

Pacific Crest Trail Designated Crossings: The PCT is presented as an impassable barrier by Paradise Lake, the ridge above Tom’s Valley, and several other remote places besides these impossible to identify ‘crossing’ locations.

The proposed alternative map is the second map in this document.