How to Make Meaningful Comments

The Eldorado National Forest just released their Draft Environmental Impact Statement. While the preferred alternative leaves much of the existing terrain open, there are some small closures, and one significant buffer zone around the Pacific Crest Trail.

You can view the documents and maps on the project page by clicking on the ‘ANALYSIS’ tab.

Take a look at the maps and see how your riding areas are affected.


How to make meaningful comments to the Eldorado National Forest:

-Include where you’re from & where you ride with your friends & family. Comments only count if you provide your name.
-Explain why Alternative 2 is not an option, touch on the unnecessary PCT buffer zone that closes off the entire ridge north of the Nipple by Blue Lakes. Explain how designating crossings forces riders into potentially unsafe areas in regards to visibility and avalanches.
-Explain why Alternative 3 is not an option, arbitrary closure is not management & this alternative closes over 70% of our riding areas.
-Explain why Alternative 4 is the only option. No PCT buffer zone or crossings, opens additional areas for riding, adds access points for terrain that’s already open.
-End with respectful thoughts on riding overall & how these alternatives would affect you directly.

Alternative 4 is the only option! Make your comments by emailing:

You can also use the webform below.

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How to Make Meaningful Comments