Placer County Parking

Placer County is soliciting input on some new parking and staging areas. Some of this is on Forest Service (Tahoe National Forest, and Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit) that fall within the county. Some of these access motorized, some non-motorized zones but both are badly needed. More info on the proposal and the survey are attached.

2020 Snowmobile Raffle

This afternoon we had the pleasure of sending our raffle winner Todd Wold home with his brand new 2020 Ski-Doo 850! Todd is an awesome ambassador for our sport and we couldn’t be more excited for him. Thanks again to Ski-Doo and the good folks down at Michael’s Cycle Works in Carson City, NV for supporting your right to ride. Congrats Todd!!

Keep Hellhole Open

The Lake Tahoe Basin is proposing to close Hellhole, the backyard for the southshore due to Sierra Nevada Yellow-Legged Frog habitat. But their own document states “Existing use patterns have not indicated permanent changes to suitable habitat.” So we have a case study here proving that snowmobiles have not altered habitat conditions, yet they want to close it anyway. Let the Lake Tahoe Basin Management unit know how important this area is to you, and remind them that the amphibians hibernate during snowmobile season. The Stanislaus National Forest has suggested a 24″ minimum snow depth for Stanislaus Meadow for the same reasons. If they can keep frog habitat protected, so can the LTMU. Let them know! Comments are due Dec 9! Links on how submit comments can be found on our webpage: