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The Sierra Snowmobile Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, dedicated to the protection and preservation of snowmobile access in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We are a full volunteer collective of avid snowmobilers, sled skiers/snowboarders, and others who recognize the importance of maintaining public access to our public lands for recreation. We work to maintain this access for our, and future generations.

Why are we here?

Did you know that over 80% of the high alpine (above 8,000ft) terrain in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is designated Wilderness, closed to snowmobiles? Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of acres of additional closures on top of that? After multiple lawsuits from so-called skier-based organizations, five of the The National Forests in California are developing travel management plans for over snow vehicle (OSV) use. We do not accept the premise that more closures are warranted. Wilderness and other ‘protected’ lands were supposed to serve the purpose this seeks. And in the Sierra, this makes up the majority of snow-bound terrain in the range. We have very little left to give up.

We are a group of snowmobilers who got together on a mission to fight for what we have because no one else will, not with the local knowledge we have. The US Forest Service in the state of California has let itself be guided for decades by multi-million dollar environmental groups, usually nowhere near the mountains. We’re out there every day, we know these lands better than the occasional metropolitan visitor. We are working hard to keep you informed throughout this process, and are now ready to fight the legal battles to keep access to our own backyards. We work for you, no one else.

We couldn’t do this alone! We are also very thankful for our business community members who have helped us succeed.