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May 2018

Keep Hellhole Open

The Lake Tahoe Basin is proposing to close Hellhole, the backyard for the southshore due to Sierra Nevada Yellow-Legged Frog habitat. But their own document states “Existing use patterns have not indicated permanent changes to suitable habitat.” So we have a case study here proving that snowmobiles have not altered habitat conditions, yet they want to close it anyway. Let the Lake Tahoe Basin Management unit know how important this area is to you, and remind them that the amphibians hibernate during snowmobile season. The Stanislaus National Forest has suggested a 24″ minimum snow depth for Stanislaus Meadow for the same reasons. If they can keep frog habitat protected, so can the LTMU. Let them know! Comments are due Dec 9! Links on how submit comments can be found on our webpage:

Tahoe update

The Tahoe National Forest has released their revised documents on February 7. You can find them here under the ‘decision’ tab. We’re currently going through the final plan but the Tahoe has adopted their preferred alternative 2 with even more closures. Zero substantive osv areas have been added. We are now in an objection period. This means that if you’ve previously commented on the Tahoe Plan, now is the time to file an objection, not a comment. OBJECTIONS FROM THE SNOWMOBILE COMMUNITY ARE NEEDED Your objection must relate to the topics you brought up in your comments from the DEIS comment phase, UNLESS they address changes seen now in the FEIS. Were your concerns addressed? Were they ignored? Tell them specifically what you would like to see done in the final Record of Decision. You must follow the official format. How objections work: A few noteworthy closures in the… Read More »Tahoe update